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Viktor Kruglov was a mobster and the husband of Tulip O'Hare.


Earlier life[]

At one point, Viktor took Tulip O'Hare into his home and treated her like family, eventually marrying her. However, Tulip later made a fool of him.[1]

Tulip's return[]

After learning Tulip was in town, Viktor sent his men to go after her. After she was brought in, Viktor told Tulip's tears weren't going to fix their problems. Realizing she was distressed, Viktor told her to walk it off and speak with him again later.[1]

Later, Tulip pointed a gun to his head, threatening to kill him. When Tulip hesitated, Viktor's men intervened. The two then talked their issues out but were interrupted by Jesse Custer, who started strangling Viktor.[1]

In a fit of rage, Jesse dragged Viktor into his torture chamber and hangs Viktor with a harness. After having a conversation with Cassidy, Jesse decided to let Viktor live, cutting his harness down with an axe. Later, The Saint of Killers slaughters Viktor's henchman, before killing Viktor himself.[2]


Season 2[]

Behind the scenes[]


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