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Vampires are a supernatural immortal subspecies of humans. According to Proinsias Cassidy, vampires share little traits with their fictional counterparts. While vampires are immortal, dependent on blood and are sensitive to sunlight, and are unaffected by religious artefacts such as holy water and crosses. It is unknown if garlic affects them. Unlike their comic counterparts who lack of fangs, in the TV adaptation they do have protruding fangs when feeding off a victim. Vampirism is spread through biting. Once the victim becomes a vampire, they gain several supernatural abilities. Vampires stop ageing from the moment of turning, can potentially live forever, are superhumanly strong and can regenerate from any injury. However, sunlight is deadly and is the only known way to kill a vampire. It is later revealed by the vampire Eccarius that feeding on other vampires can enhance their abilities and grant them the more traditional powers associated with vampires, such as shape shifting into animals, flight and mesmerism.

Few know about the existence of vampires and have been hunting them down.

Known vampires[]