Tyler is a former rapist and an inmate of Hell.


Earlier lifeEdit

When Tyler was living, he raped four women.[1]

In HellEdit

After his cell block malfunctioned, Tyler noticed Eugene Root and mocked his disfigurement. He was told to leave Eugene alone on two occasions by Adolf Hitler. After having enough for Hitler's compassion for Eugene, Tyler knocked Hitler down and rallied other Hell inmates to join him in kicking Hitler.[2]

When Mannering informed the Hell inmates in the holding room that one of them doesn't belong and is causing the malfunctions, Tyler and several other inmates made their claim, hoping they'd be released.[1]

While Eugene and Hitler were in the air vents, they heard scenes of Tyler's Hell. Tyler's sins appeared to have been discovered by his significant other while Tyler tries to explain that he only ever had meaningless sex with them before gun shots were heard.


Season 2Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Tyler is portrayed by Justin Prentice.
    • Tyler being a rapist is possibly a reference to Bryce Walker from 13 Reasons Why, who is also portrayed by Prentice.


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