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"You see, before he sacrificed himself for our sins, our Lord gave a final gift to humanity: He fathered a child. For generations, The Grail has protected this holy lineage in preparation for one event: The end of the world."
—Saltonstall to Klaus Starr[src]

The Grail is a clandestine organization with holdings and agents from 113 countries under the guise of Grail Industries. The Grail is tasked to protect the bloodline of Christ. For over two millennia, the Grail works hand-in-glove with Heaven and Hell.

Their ultimate goal is to facilitate the apocalypse through nuclear warfare to pave way for Humperdoo to take over as the messiah.


After Jesus fathered a child, the Grail was formed by Thaddeus to protect his lineage.[1][2]

Throughout the years, the Samson Unit terminated false prophets that served as threats to Christs' throne, including assassinating Abraham Lincoln.[1]

The organization was after a map that was under their property. Through Dany, they managed to get her to trade Carlos' last known location for their map.[3]

When the Grail learned God was missing, they tried to cover it up by killing Mark Harelik, sending him to Heaven to pose as God.[2]

After learning of Jesse Custer's power, the Grail sent operatives to New Orleans to confirm what they know of him to be true.[4]

Grail anthem[]

Protect Him we must, our holy Babe Leader of a world brand-new

Arise, He shall come

When the time is right

Together, we will start anew

The sky will be bathed in a glorious light

The world, His vision will come true

Cleansed are the sinners, not a heretic in sight

Together we will start anew!

He's glorious, protect Him

He's glorious, we'll protect Him



Season 1[]

Season 2[]


  • In the Preacher comics, the Grail was an organization that was dedicated in keeping the bloodline of Jesus intact.


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