Terri Loach was the mother of Tracy Loach.


When her daughter fell into a coma, Terri began taking care of her. When her doctor told her that Tracy could still hear, Terri would often turn the TV on as she used to enjoy watching TV.[1]

When Jesse dropped by to comfort her, Terri told him that his words wouldn't do anything. Terri would be visited by Jesse a few days later, the latter wanting to pray with her daughter. Terri told Jesse she would make a pot of coffee as she let Jesse in.[1] After Jesse ran off, Terri called Emily Woodrow. When Emily arrived, she told of Jesse's visit and how Tracy opened her eyes after Jesse prayed with her.[2]

When Jesse came by her house again, Terri asked Jesse to pray with Tracy. Terri then saw Eugene in Jesse's truck. Terri grabbed a bat and swung it at Jesse's truck. Terri demanded Eugene to exit the truck as she called Eugene a murderer. Jesse eventually used his powers to make her stop and forgive Eugene.[3]

Jack takes a selfie as Terri kills Tracy

Terri went to church, bringing Tracy along, when Jesse planned to bring God to Annville. Terri rejoiced when God told the town they had all been saved. Soon after, Terri discovered with the rest of the town that the man was an impostor God and the real one had abandoned Heaven. After the service, Terri suffocated her comatose daughter, killing her while her son, Jack, took a selfie.[4]


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