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"Angelville I-I know it's it's wicked and and evil and all that, but I got nowhere else to go."
—TC to Jesse[src]

Theodore Charles, or better known as simply TC was a henchman of Marie L'Angelle. TC is loyal to Madame L'Angelle, despite being conflicted. Despite offered a second chance, TC ultimately decided to perish in the Tombs with Jody. TC was also notoriously known by city officials for inappropriate acts with animals.


In 1990, TC and Jody were sent to kill John Custer and bring Jesse to his grandmother.[1]


  • Expert medic: Despite lacking any formal medical training, TC is a skilled surgeon
  • Skilled combatant: Though nowhere near as skilled as Jody, TC was able to hold his own against Tulip O'Hare, who herself is a very skilled combatant, though he was ultimately defeated when Tulip distracted him.
  • Stealth: TC seems to have a knack for sneaking up on people, most notably sneaking behind Jesse and Tulip by dropping noiselessly from the ceiling.


TC is shown to be a kind and friendly, if somewhat eccentric individual, in contrast to his mistress Marie or his friend Jody. TC also has a darker side to him though, as he is shown to be a pervert/sexual deviant and is implied to be a rapist as well. Around Angelville, it is common knowledge that he has sex with barnyard animals, to the point that the police will choose to respond to him breaking into a petting zoo rather than a bank robbery. For unknown reasons, he's been banned from flying, though it's probably related to his perverted nature. His lust is exploited by Marie L'Angelle, who uses him to please her sexually. He is also far more perceptive than people give him credit for, figuring out Jesse was seeing Sabina for example. Because some write him off as a lack-wit, TC is often privy to crucial information the speakers would rather not reveal. His relationship with Jesse is somewhat amicable, with Jesse not hating him as much as Jody or his grandmother, and even offering him a chance to leave Angelville before he burned it down. TC declined his offer, however, explaining that even though he knows Angelville is evil, he has nowhere else to go. He died inside the fire with Jody's corpse.


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