"Your head looks like a dick. Suits you."
—Jesse Custer to Herr Starr

"Schwanzkopf" is the ninth episode of the third season of Preacher and the thirty-second episode overall. It aired on August 19, 2018.


Divided and trapped, Tulip, Jesse and Cassidy battle old friends, new enemies and loved ones to escape certain death - or worse.[1]


Humperdoo is prepared for Genesis to be transferred into him. Jesse reveals to Allfather that Starr planted a gun in his pocket to kill him. Jesse requests to die on his knees, which Allfather grants. Jesse tumbles over as he is removed from the gurney. Jesse says a quick prayer and Allfather delivers the shock to remove Genesis. However, when Jesse tumbled, he moved the electromagnet onto Allfather. Jesse reclaims the gun and kills the Grail operatives in the room. Jesse and Allfather get into an altercation. Jesse injects Allfather with a failed DNA cocktail and plants the electromagnet back on himself. Allfather screams in terror as Jesse sends the shock to himself, sending Genesis toward the Allfather, who blows up.

Tulip confronts the Angel of Death, telling her that she has something that belongs to Satan's lady friend. After handing over the briefcase, Tulip shows mercy to Featherstone by telling the Angel of Death that's not really Tulip. Eugene, who recognizes Tulip calls out for her. Tulip tries to run away but the Angel of Death uses her whip to catch her.

Cassidy threatens to reveal to Les Enfants du Sang that Eccarius is a killer but Eccarius subdues Cassidy.

Starr returns to his office and commends Jesse for killing Allfather. The two watch as Jesse's remaining soul is excreted from Allfather's rectum and race for it. Jesse ultimately regains his soul and commands Starr to get on his knees and threatens to make Starr eat Allfather's guts. He tells him they're done but Starr warns Jesse of the oncoming apocalypse. He explains the Grail's goal, to unveil the messiah, and if he's not appreciated by the world, a nuclear apocalypse would occur with only the believers of Humperdoo surviving. Jesse doesn't take the story seriously and threatens to kill Humperdoo.

Tulip tries to plan a way out of the bus but Hitler warns Tulip not to, telling her all attempts are futile. The Saint of Killers then takes a seat next to the Angel of Death.

As Jody and Featherstone head back to Angelville, Jody runs over an animal. As he inspects it, Featherstone leaves to return to Starr.

Cassidy awakes in his coffin and warns the Les Enfants du Sang to get out. However, Eccarius had already told them that Cassidy murdered Hoover, which they had believed due to how Cassidy reacted to them initially. Eccarius then seizes Cassidy.

The Saint of Killers asked if Tulip died alone or with the preacher, but was told she's alive. The Saint of Killers reminded the Angel of Death about the rules but she dismissed them, telling him God's gone. She then reminded him that the rules didn't help his family anyways.

Tulip hatches a plan the seize the axel of the back wheels, which fails.

Jesse enters Humperdoo's chamber and points a gun to his head. He hears all the Humperdoo clones and decides to set them all free instead, much to Starr's anger. The mob of Humperdoo's leave the office and set foot out into the world, making it impossible for Starr to find the real Humperdoo. Jesse then hands over the remaining Tom/Brady cocktail but smashes it infront of his face before leaving himself as Hoover heads to the office. Jesse commands a firetruck to stop.

Hitler awaits for Rick as Eugene suggests they create a bomb, which triggered a new idea for Tulip.

Starr tries on several wigs to cover up his scar, as Jesse had previously commanded him to never wear hats again. Starr then breaks into a rage at Jesse.

Tulip begins to taunt the Saint of Killers, calling him an "Errand bitch", which provokes the Saint of Killers into smashing Tulip into a window, which cracks. Eugene tells Tulip that she indeed make a bomb.

Cassidy awakes and see's Mrs. Rosen. He tells her she's been kind to him and asks for a favor. She tells him she won't let him go but Cassidy asks her to give Lisa a call.

As Tulip instructs Eugene how to get out of the bus, Hitler loses patience and knocks the window himself. However, a bomb sets off and the bus flips over. Tulip see's a few individuals peering in and then realizes a tank nearby, which has a swastika. She looks back at the individuals and realizes they are Nazis.

T.C. tells Gran'ma that Jesse is still not back yet. But Madame L'Angelle tells T.C. that Jesse will be back to kill her. Meanwhile, Jesse is dropped off by the firetruck outside Angelville and dismisses them as he heads down the driveway.



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  • Schwanzkopf translates to dickhead.
  • After being commanded "no more hats" by Jesse Custer, Starr tried on various wigs to cover up his scar. This is a homage to an iconic panel in the comic where Starr did the same.


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