Satan, also known as the Prince of Darkness was the devil and ruler of Hell.


When the Saint of Killers returned to Hell, he demanded a word with Satan.[1]

Satan later had the Saint escorted to his office on the negative ninth level of Hell. Satan then informed him of having ‘big plans’ now that God is gone, and that when the Saint, Hitler, and Eugene left Hell, they jeopardized those plans. He punished the Saint before sending him to retrieve the other two escapees.

It is later revealed that Satan formed a deal with Marie L'Angelle when she was younger. Seeing promise in the young witch and lusting for her soul he made her a tempting deal. Granting her the power to consume souls to maintain her youth and beauty in exchange for her soul in the event that she dies. Marie later reworked the deal with Satan by appealing to his desire for Genesis. He allowed her to keep the power to consume souls and in the event that Jesse kills her his soul and Genesis will go to hell in her place.

After he told the Saint it was God who wanted his family dead; he put a bullet right through the Devil's head and took Eugene to help him find Custer.[2]


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