Mosie was the owner of Toadvine.


After Clive yelled at Lacey, Mosie told Clive to go easy on Lacey. Mosie then asked Tulip O'Hare how she's been and if she was still staying at Walter's place. Mosie was then told a story of Walter killing two children while driving drunk, though Tulip revealed she was only kidding. Later, Mosie was asked by Tulip if she could have a room for the night which Mosie agreed to.[1]

After Lacey's death, Mosie and the girls at Toadvine went to her death site. They were told to be careful around the land by Odin Quincannon.[2]

Later, Mosie offered everyone at Toadvine a free hour after an argument broke out between Tulip and the john's. Mosie then told Tulip that she needed to learn to control her anger.[2]


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