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Masada is a region in the middle east, serving as the Grail's command center for over 2000 years. It serves as the home to the child messiah.


The Messiah revealedEdit

Klaus Starr took Jesse Custer to Masada to unveil the messiah, Humperdoo to him, in order to inspire Jesse to take Humperdoo's place as the messiah.[1]

Allfather D'Aronique called Klaus Starr from Masada to get a follow up on how Humperdoo's training is progressing.[2]

Holding Cassidy captiveEdit

When Herr Starr finally captures Cassidy, he imprisons him in Masada, using him as bait for Jesse Custer. Starr also has his favorite torturer, Frankie Toscani, flown in.

When Frankie Toscani arrived, he became a guest lecturer for advanced torture, teach Grail personnel of the old-fashion Bensonhurst ways of torture. After revealing Cassidy can heal, he circumcized Cassidy over and over.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Tulip attempted to rescue Cassidy, after commanding several Grail operatives to aid them. Though their assault was nearly successful however a fight broke out between Cassidy and Jesse then Cassidy preferred to escape by his own means which he finally did with the help of an angel.




Season 2Edit

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