Mark Harelik was an actor. He served as an impostor to God when the latter abandoned Heaven.


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Mark Harelik was an actor based in New Orleans. He eventually auditioned to portray God and was selected, partly for resembling a stereotypical portrayal of God. After his audition, he was shot and killed in order to be sent to Heaven.[1]

Acting as GodEdit

Impostor God speaks to All Saints' Congregational

When Jesse Custer made a call to Heaven, Harelik pretended to be God. When Jesse told "God" they had questions for him, he told him how dare they question God. Tulip yelled at him, telling him they should be the ones screaming at him. The man ultimately agreed to answer questions. A woman asked why do bad things happen to good people. He explained that pain was necessary to make a person. Odin asked him if his daughter was there, which the man told him was told she was. He was then asked by Jesse what his plan for him was. He told Jesse it was to be a Sheppard to his congregation. Jesse stated he failed but was told he hadn't failed. The man said that Jesse had brought the congregation to him, stating they were all saved.

Impostor God carried away

Jesse then revealed he had sent Eugene to Hell, causing the congregation to silence themselves. When the man asked how, Jesse explained with Genesis. The impostor God was left confused but pretended he was aware. The impostor God asked if anyone else had a question and Clive asked if he could get his penis back, causing the congregation to burst into laughter. Jesse realized he wasn't God, but the impostor denied Jesse's allegations. Jesse used his powers to ask where God is. The man told Jesse he didn't know and that no one in Heaven knew, revealing God is missing. The bearded man was then carried away as he told them that he was forced to reveal what happened to God.[2]


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