Superintendent Mannering is a warden of Hell.


Eugene's arrivalEdit

After Eugene Root's Hell block malfunctioned, Mannering arrived at Eugene's cell and told him to stay put.[1]

After Eugene's Hell block continued to malfunction, Mannering took the former to her office. Mannering welcomed Eugene to Hell but warned him to stay in line while warning him to stop being nice and to act accordingly to Hell standards.[2]

One day, Mannering came into the holding room and wrote a notice stating the vending machine was out of order. After which, she dropped a pen cap and immediately had a guard take an inmate who generously picked it up from him. Mannering then revealed one of the inmates is causing the malfunctions by not belonging in Hell, and several inmates made their claim. Later, after Eugene helped up an inmate who was tripped by Hitler, Mannering sent Eugene into the hole.[3]

Mannering screened several Hell inmates with a polygraph. During which, she is tipped off that the Saint of Killers is in New Orleans. When she screened Eugene, she was distracted by other Hell inmates holding hands and singing hallelujah. She left Eugene to confront the inmates but quickly learns Hitler is missing.[4]

Mannering and two Hell guards left for New Orleans to confront the Saint of Killers. She stops the Saint from scalping Jesse Custer and threatened to lock his wife or daughter in his Hell cell. After the Saint willingly agreed to return, Mannering told Jesse he's lucky to have Herr Starr watching over him.[5]

When Mannering returned the Saint to his cell, she was told by the Saint that he'd like a word with Satan, replying with "He'll want a word with you as well". Mannering then demanded a guard find Eugene and Hitler.[5]


Season 2Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Superintendent Mannering is portrayed by Amy Hill.


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