MacReady[1] was a preacher in the year 1881. He served in the Battle of Gettysburg under the 8th Ohio Infantry.


While fighting the Battle of Gettysburg, MacReady lost many men and horses.[2]

Several years after Gettysburg, MacReady became a preacher in Ratwater. When the cowboy arrived in search for medicine, MacReady confronted him. He told him he had recognized him but couldn't remember from where. Once he told the Cowboy he believed he knew who he was, he was knocked down. MacReady followed the Cowboy to the backroom and knocked the cowboy as payback and had his men stomp on him. Later, MacReady told the cowboy he recognized him from Gettysburg. Upset that the cowboy had killed many of his men and horses then, he killed the cowboy's horse as payback.[2]

When The Cowboy returned to Ratwater, MacReady welcomed The Cowboy, so long he welcomed Jesus. The Cowboy however, dumped the heads of several children on the ground and told them that Jesus could join them in Hell. MacReady plead to The Cowboy, asking him what he wanted. MacReady was then shot dead.[3]


Season 1Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The character is based on Gumbo McCready. In the Preacher comics, Gumbo McCready inadvertently created the Saint of Killers.
  • MacReady is portrayed by Justice Leak.


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