Linus was a bus driver and parishioner of All Saints' Congregational.


While driving his school bus, Linus became attracted to a little girl. Over time, he had urges to "do" something to her. Linus eventually confessed to Jesse, who told him to repent and not give in to his urges. Days later, Jesse breaks into Linus's apartment and dunks his face into hot water and is commanded to forget the girl. Due to Jesse's divine commandment, Linus literally forgot about the girl and had no idea who Jesse was speaking of.[1]

Days later, Linus greeted a girl and asked if she was new. Linus was told, however, that she wasn't.[2]

Linus rejoices

When Jesse brought God to Annville, Linus was present. Linus rejoiced when God told the city they had all been saved, though would find out that the man was an impostor. Linus was later killed by a few school girls.[3] on the bus his pants are down, implying he attempted to molest on of the girls before they killed him.


Due to Linus being attracted to a young school girl, it is assumed he is a pedophile.


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