Kamal is the owner of Holy Bar and Grail and Tulip O'Hare's right hand.


Working for TulipEdit

After Lara Featherstone's fight with Tulip, the former began looking for her, asking Kamal is she'd been to the Holy Bar and Grail. Kamal claimed he never saw her before and he would've said so. Featherstone then killed a drunk Grail member, threatening Kamal to do the same to him if he didn't tell her.

Kamal later suggested to Tulip that they should wait and see if Cassidy escapes by himself, expressing his dislike for the job. Kamal then calls Featherstone, claiming he saw Tulip. As the Grail operatives arrive, Kamal and Tulip tricked the Grail, as he got away in Tulip's car while Tulip got into another Grail operative's car, pretending to be one of them. After taking out most of the Grail vehicles and escaping, he looked out as Tulip was carried away by Grail EMTs.


Season 4Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

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