"Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven."
—Jesus Christ quoting Matthew 5:10[src]

Jesus Christ is a religious and central figure in Christianity, considered to be the promised Jewish Messiah. As such, he is sent to Masada as the emissary from Heaven in preparation of the apocalypse.


Prior to his crucifixion, Jesus had an affair with a woman, giving humanity one final gift - he fathered a child. His lineage had been heavily been protected by the Grail.[1][2]

Emissary of HeavenEdit

In preparation for God's grand plan for the world, Jesus returned to Earth and arrived to Masada as an emissary of Heaven, to discuss the coming apocalypse. While Tulip was attempting to rescue Cassidy, she was assigned as Jesus' personal valet. After Tulip told him the truth about his identity, he tried to help her break Cassidy out of his cell, but was unable to convince Lara Featherstone to leave her post due to his meek nature. He and Tulip were able to get past Lara and the guards later, but discovered that Cassidy had already escaped. Before Tulip left, Jesus asked if he could go travelling with her.

The ApocalypseEdit

As God prepared for the Apocalypse, Jesus got into a fight with Adolf Hitler, ultimately strangling the Furher to death. Following the death of Humperdoo, God tried to get Jesus to act as the Messiah for the Apocalypse but he refused, having realized that he is no better than anyone else. Jesus tries to convince God to be loving and merciful, causing God to storm off in anger.

A New LifeEdit

After God's defeat, Jesus began working at the paint service desk of a hardware store where he was able to calm an irate customer and seemed content with his new life.


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Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the vertigo comic series, Jesus Christ didn't die in the cross. Instead, he was drugged by his followers into a coma state while being crucified. After 3 days, he "resurrected" and took a wife called Mary, with whom he had several children. The TV series makes no such statements and changes events considerably.
  • Given his biblically accredited career as a carpenter, perhaps it makes sense that Jesus would enjoy his new career as the clerk of a hardware store.


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