"I got a power inside me. A power that rivals God's. I can command anyone in the universe to do my biddin'. I can call upon the angels. I can send a man to Hell if I want."
—Jesse explains his power to the Saint of Killers[src]

Reverend Jesse Custer (1979-2065) was a Texas preacher who merged with a mysterious creature known as Genesis, developing the ability to make anyone do anything he says.

When Jesse summoned God in front of Annville, Jesse realized the figure was an impostor. After learning that God had abandoned Heaven, Jesse began a crusade with Tulip and Cassidy, in search of God. After learning God enjoys jazz, Jesse and his friends left for New Orleans. However, after learning the messiah is a "moron", Jesse reluctantly accepts Herr Starr's offer on taking Humperdoo's place. Things took a turn after Lara Featherstone killed Tulip O'Hare. Jesse returned to Angelville for his Gran'ma to resurrect her. After the resurrection, he was forced to work for his gran'ma.

During his return to Angelville, Jesse made attempts to regain his soul extract from the Grail. During which, the Allfather of the Grail learned of Genesis and wanted the power for Humperdoo. After several attempts with clones, the Grail found a DNA sample which would allow Humperdoo to survive Genesis. However, Jesse was able to trick Allfather and release Genesis into the Allfather instead, killing him before Genesis returned to him. After which, Jesse returned to Angeville one more to fight Jody, finally beating and killing him. Jesse then set Anelville into flames before killing his Gran'ma.

Following this, Jesse and Tulip set out to rescue Cassidy, who was captured by the Grail. After a rescue attempt, Jesse and Cassidy argued over Cassidy and the latter chose to stay behind in Masada. After getting visions of a nuclear explosion at the Lost Apostle, who left Tulip to visit the monument in Australia. On his way, God threw several hurdles at him but Jesse managed to make it through all of them. While near the Lost Apostle, Cassidy and Tulip arrived via a plane to free Jesse from the Saint of Killers. However, shortly after, God set off the nuclear explosion in Jesse's vision, causing Jesse to fly out of the airplane to his death.

After he was buried, Jesse was sent to Hell and God put him several tests to see if he would be tempted. While Jesse seemingly passed, God resurrected him but told Jesse he failed as he sensed his temptation before biting his eye out and sending him to reunite his friends to watch the Apocalypse.

Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip returned to Masada, though the three were split up. When Jesse made it back to Cassidy, he learned Cassidy gave into God's request and was knocked unconscious by God. Jesse was taken into a church and was demanded to use his powers against God, but he refused. The Saint of Killers arrived shortly after, who Jesse believed he was on his side, though surprised when he let God walk. Jesse tried to fight off the Saint of Killers and was joined in by Genesis' parents. Though they managed to fend the Saint of Killers off for a while, they were killed. Jesse eventually told the Saint of Killers to repent so he could ascend to Heaven. He reunited with Cassidy and Tulip before telling the Grail to look for God, who had once again, abandoned them.

Two years later, Jesse and Tulip had another chase with the Rodriguez brothers. Shortly after this, Jesse learned the Grail had found God at the Alamo. Jesse made his way and learned his father was accepted in Heaven, despite his prayers as a child and God did everything he did out of love. Jesse realized God was needy and refused to accept that as a God while releasing Genesis. Jesse then leaves to watch a film with Tulip.

Forty years later, Jesse and Tulip passed away, while their daughter grew up to run an asset management fund.


Early lifeEdit

Jesse often helped his father prepare the church for Sunday service.[1]

When he was caught with his friends who were smoking, his father made an example of him by whipping him in front of them.[1]

Jesse was woken up one night by his father. His father brought him to QM&P and had him wait outside while his father tried to help Odin cope with the loss of his family. While waiting, Jesse stole an ashtray. As Jesse and John left, Jesse peeked in and looked at the horror in Odin's office. On the drive home, Jesse was told that some men can't be saved.[1][2]

Jesse and Tulip got into an altercation with Donnie Schenck and his friends. The two were sent to wait outside the principal's office. Jesse's father then yelled at him. When Jesse's father told him to go home, Jesse insisted they bring Tulip as her mother was in jail and her uncle was too drunk. After his father agreed, Jesse prayed to God, thanking him for his father making the right choice.[3]

Jesse and Tulip horse played at the church, with Tulip getting the upper hand. The two were then caught by Jesse's father. John asked if they did their homework and Jesse told him he finished it on the bus. Jesse and Tulip were then told to clean the dishes.[3]

Jesse prays to God, asking him to kill and send his father to Hell

That night, Jesse was woken up by Tulip who asked him "Till the end of the world, right?", which Jesse confirmed. The following day, Jesse begged his father as Tulip was taken away by child services. Jesse ran after the car but failed to catch up. Jesse told his father that Tulip did nothing wrong but his father told him that she's an O'Hare and there's bound to be trouble. At night, Jesse prayed to God, asking him to take care of Tulip, kill his father and condemn him to Hell.[3]

John Custer: "Much bigger things are comin' for you. Much bigger things than this here. So you got to be one of the good guys. 'Cause why?"
Jesse Custer: "'Cause there's way too many of the bad."
—Jesse's promise to his father.[src]
Jesse Custer watches his father get killed

Jesse was woken up one night. Jesse was told to hide under the bed. Once he hid, he watched his father get knocked out. Jesse and his father were then dragged outside.[3] Jesse then watched his father killed in front of him by a man with a tattoo of a skull and a star and horseshoe in a single tattoo on his right arm. Before his father was killed, he promised him to grow up to be one of the good guys, before apologizing to his dad, telling him he asked for him to be killed.[4][3]

Life at AngelvilleEdit

After his fathers execution, Jesse was taken to Angelville. Jesse was stuffed into a coffin, which was placed beneath the swamps of Angelville until he accepted himself as a L'Angelle.[5]

As a teenager, Jesse served as a parking attendant for his grandmothers business. At one point, he killed a chicken out of anger but quickly took it to Madame L'Angelle to resurrect.[6]

Criminal lifeEdit

At one point, Jesse and Tulip did "jobs" together.[4] Meanwhile, the two had a relationship. The two worked for a Mexican cartel in Miami transporting reptiles.[7]

In 2010, Jesse and Tulip were on the run from the Rodriguez brothers. Once, the two ate at a diner outside Kansas City.[8]

Jesse kills a security guard

In 2014[7], during a bank robbery with Carlos, Jesse and Tulip were betrayed. While fooling and flirting on the job, Carlos was upset and jealous of the two. Carlos set a security guard free, who Jesse would ultimately kill. The shock of Carlos' betrayal caused Tulip to miscarry.[9][10]

Jesse scolds Tulip for returning to the crime life

In the following months, Jesse got a job as a bartender. During which, Jesse and Tulip ding Odin. Jesse called the congregants all sinners, but it wasn't too late. Jesse told them he would bring each one of them back to God one by one. Jesse asked Odin if he would serve God, though Odin shut him down and walked off. Upset, Jesse used his divine commandment on Odin. When he asked for a final time, Odin told Jesse that he would serve God.[1]

Jesse was asked by Emily what was up with Odin. Jesse explained his bet with Odin. Jesse and Tulip were then interrupted by a nearby table. Jesse was complimented for his sermon the previous Sunday as well as being asked which Gospel he preferred. Jesse joined the table, telling Emily he would discuss with her later.[7]

Jesse continued giving others advice. Jesse was then interrupted by Tulip, who revealed to the crowd on their past. Jesse explained to Tulip that he changed and she could do. Jesse was then told by a waiter that someone was waiting outside. Jesse went outside and found Eugene. Jesse was asked for help on his situation which left Sheriff Root upset. Jesse agreed to help Eugene.[7]

Jesse drove to the Loach residence. Jesse was asked to pray with Tracy. When Terri swung her bat at his truck, calling Eugene a murderer, Jesse used his powers to make Terri stop. Jesse then used his powers to make Terri forgive Eugene. While driving Eugene home, Jesse told Eugene that his father didn't need to worry anymore.[7]

After returning to Flavour Station and giving another couple advice, Jesse was interrupted by Fiore and DeBlanc. The two explained who they were and told them they need to put what was inside him back inside a tin can. Jesse laughed at the idea, believing he had God inside him. Jesse was told that what was inside him wasn't God.[7] Jesse asked what was inside of him but Fiore and DeBlanc refused to answer. Jesse used his powers to force DeBlanc. Jesse then learned that he had the product of an angel and demon inside him. DeBlanc and Fiore then left him as they dealt with Susan, a woman who was eavesdropping their conversation. When Jesse saw the two beat the woman down, Jesse came to her aid. Jesse, however, was strangled by Susan. DeBlanc came to his aid but he was strangled as well. The two were saved by Fiore, who shot Susan in the head. The three fled into Jesse's car as Fiore realized he left his key in Flavour Station, as well as seeing Susan reinvigorating in the diner.[11]

Jesse, Fiore, and DeBlanc over a pile of the angels' dead bodies

While driving to Sundowner Motel, Jesse asked if he could call Heaven. Jesse was told he needed angel hands to use their phone contraption. At the motel, Jesse learned that the two angels were being hunted for being on Earth without permission. The three were interrupted by Susan, who followed them to the motel. Jesse was left confused as he saw Fiore, DeBlanc and Susan reinvigorate as they each kept getting killed. After hours of fighting, they were joined by Cassidy. By morning, they managed to subdue Susan before Fiore dismembered her. Jesse denied DeBlanc and Fiore when they asked for Genesis. Jesse was warned about the consequences.[11]

While waiting for the blood-soaked clothes be laundered, Jesse shared a drink with Cassidy. The two discuss their tattoo's, one of which was of a Tulip, symbolizing his ex-girlfriend, Tulip. When Cassidy asked him about the Genesis situation, Jesse told Cassidy he doesn't listen to anyone but God.[11]

Later, Jesse set a speaker up on the roof of his church. He continued to set up his church for an upcoming service. During which, he was joined by Miles. Miles explained if he should so something instead of the truth, as the truth would hurt more people. Jesse asked Miles to give him more details, though Miles refused. Jesse was then distracted as he saw Tulip running errands, rather than Emily. Jesse followed Emily to the supply closet. Jesse asked Tulip what she was doing. Jesse was told that she was helping Emily run errands all day. Tulip brought up Jesse keeping an old pitch and put club, though Jesse told Tulip he thought he threw it out.[11]

Corruption to Genesis and redemptionEdit

Jesse and Eugene argue over Jesse forcing people to see the light

That Sunday, Jesse was told by Emily that Eugene needed to speak to him about something urgent. Jesse told Emily he would speak to him later. Jesse thanked Emily and Tulip for helping out with everything. Jesse then talked to Eugene. Jesse was told by Eugene that he felt guilty and believed he shouldn't be forgiven. Jesse was told people shouldn't be forced to see the light and that it's a sin to do so. Jesse told Eugene he shouldn't be lecturing people about sinning. After Eugene continued to argue, Jesse told Eugene to go to Hell. After hearing a noise, Jesse turned and Eugene was gone.[11] Jesse approached the spot Eugene was before and examined it. Though regretting what he said to Eugene, Jesse opened the doors to his church and began the service. Jesse and his congregation sung hymns before he delivered a sermon. After the service, Jesse was complimented as his congregants exited. Jesse then returned to his church and froze for a moment before proceeding.[3]

Jesse went over the itinerary of the day with Emily. Later, in the kitchen, Cassidy approached him about Eugene. Jesse brushed him off and joined Emily and a few congregants for church activities.[3]

After a few congregants performed a play, Jesse criticized them, telling them they shouldn't be smiling. Jesse was then pulled aside by Odin. Jesse was told by Odin that the Alamo model was completed. Jesse was then told of a meat plant in Brazil which had been far more successful than Odin's. Odin then told Jesse that he had been the least successful out of him and his predecessors. Jesse told Odin he could still make things right. Odin agreed and present Jesse with papers. Jesse was reminded of their bet but Jesse told him he agreed to serve God and left a Christian. Jesse was then told that he should've known better as he was no Christian. Jesse still refused to sign the deed. Jesse was then told by Odin that he wouldn't surrender and will be back.[3]

While eating dinner with Cassidy, Emily, and Tulip, the four were interrupted by Hugo. Hugo asked if any of them knew where Eugene was. Jesse kept silent as the potatoes in the oven caught fire. Jesse was then told that Eugene said he planned on seeing him before the service. Jesse then lied, claiming he didn't see Eugene. Emily reminded him he did but Jesse acted confused. Jesse then walked Hugo out to his car.[3]

Cassidy calls Jesse out

Once Hugo drove off, Jesse was hit with a fire extinguisher by Cassidy. Cassidy asked Jesse what he is planning to do on the Eugene situation. When Cassidy brought up Eugene being an innocent boy, Jesse told him Eugene tried to commit murder on a girl who rejected him before turning the gun on himself. Despite that, Cassidy told Jesse that Eugene doesn't deserve to be condemned to Hell. Cassidy then told Jesse that Genesis was playing with his head. The two then got into a heated argument. Jesse was told that Tulip was right that he is still the same person he once was. Jesse was tossed the fire extinguisher. Jesse then finally learned Cassidy was a vampire as he burst into flames shirtless in the sun.[3]

Jesse loses his temper and slams Tulip

Jesse stormed back into the kitchen and slammed the extinguisher on the table. Jesse slammed Tulip for being an O'Hare, having low standards. After Tulip left, Jesse called Emily stupid when she told him that she believed in him the moment she saw him. Jesse then told Emily to go home. That night, Jesse ripped the floor panels off as he yelled out "come back".[3] Shortly after, Jesse was attacked by Odin's "Meat Men". Jesse however, held them off and disarmed them, forcing the men to retreat. Jesse then downed some Ratwater whiskey. Jesse then told God he'd would stop using his power if he brought Eugene back. Jesse suddenly heard scratching noises. Jesse went to investigate. Jesse dug up the sand and pulled "Eugene" out. Jesse embraced Eugene then sat him down. Jesse offered Eugene water and to call his father, though Eugene insisted Jesse to call him later.[2]

Jesse hallucinates Eugene

The following day, Jesse called Eugene's father. Jesse then apologized to "Eugene", telling him that he was right. Jesse admitted he was told there were consequences and that he should give Genesis back. Eugene clarified Jesse if he was talking about the ones at Sundowner Motel. Jesse suddenly realized that he never told Eugene of the encounter with the angels, realizing he was hallucinating Eugene. Jesse was told by his hallucination of Eugene that they'd figure something out. Jesse filled his whiskey bottle with anointing oil. Jesse then went to the roof of his church, firing warning shots at Odin's meat men, forcing them to retreat yet again. Jesse then hurled the anointing oil filled whiskey bottle at the bulldozer, setting it in flames. Clive, who refused to retreat continued to charge, forcing Jesse to shoot his penis off.[2]

DeBlanc and Fiore extract Genesis from Jesse Custer

A while after, Jesse demanded they bring the "agents". Fiore and DeBlanc arrive, though they couldn't step inside due to Jesse's command to stay away from him. Jesse used the word to make them come in. Jesse asked the two if it was possible to bring back someone from Hell. Jesse got mixed answers. Jesse was then told that it was difficult and no one would come back from Hell until they got Genesis. Jesse asked questions on Genesis, including why Genesis didn't make him explode. Jesse told Fiore and DeBlanc that God may have wanted him to have Genesis to do good. Jesse was then asked what good he has done and to lie down. Jesse was told to stop resisting as DeBlanc sang Wynken, Blynken, and Nod but Jesse denied he was. Jesse was then told he needs to give it up as he was only a speck of dust through the glory of all creation. Eventually, Genesis left Jesse and returned to its domicile. When DeBlanc and Fiore packed up, Jesse reminded the two of their agreement. Jesse argued but was told Genesis wasn't his in the first place. Jesse asked what kind of angels they are. Jesse continued to argue, as Genesis escaped its domicile once more and returned to Jesse. DeBlanc and Fiore decided to leave and go for the other option, causing Jesse to plead, telling them he didn't know why that happened.[2]

Jesse sat against his church as Odin's men began their siege. Jesse eventually fired back to defend his church. Once he chased the men away, Donnie snuck up on him. Jesse used the word on Donnie to make him lower his gun. Donnie however, revealed he blew out his ear drums. Jesse told Donnie to get it over with as he deserved it. Donnie failed to hear Jesse and knocked him out. When Jesse woke up, he found himself in front of Odin and his men. Odin metaphorically compared Jesse's situation to Alamo, where men defended the Alamo and considered heroes, despite losing in the end. Jesse was then handed the deed to Jesse. Jesse told Odin he didn't understand what happened as he told him to serve God. Jesse was told he did, which left Jesse to question what God wants to tear a church down. Jesse was told by Odin he serves the God of Meat, which Jesse laughed off. Jesse then called Odin following a God crazy. Jesse, was told that following a silent God is crazy. Jesse began signing the deed but stopped. Jesse pleaded for one more Sunday. Jesse explained to Odin that he would bring God to Annville and have him answer the congregation. If they don't like their answers, Jesse told Odin he would denounce God in front of his congregation. Jesse was then driven away by Hugo Root as the townsfolk begged him to save them, for they are all sinners.[2]

While being driven to the sheriff station by Hugo, Jesse told Hugo he sent Eugene to Hell. Hugo told Jesse he was likely headed to a penitentiary which didn't welcome child-killers. Hugo cited that once a child killer was so unwelcome, he jumped off the top bunk over and over until he killed himself. Jesse told Hugo he would see him on Sunday, jumping out of Hugo's car, as he had jammed a pen in the door.[8]

Jesse made his way to a bridge, where he joined two individuals. The two offered him pancakes and Merlot for breakfast. Jesse was told by the two that they heard that Jesse planned to bring God to Annville. When asked how he would do that, Jesse told them "you'll see".[8]

Jesse faces a burnt Cassidy

Jesse made his way to Walter's house. Jesse inquired on Tulip's whereabouts. Jesse was told by Emily that Tulip was in Albuquerque to kill a man, and that Cassidy was inside. Jesse joined Cassidy but was told to leave. Jesse noted that Cassidy killed the mayor, but was told he'd kill him also. The two told spoke that they saw the worst in each other. Jesse apologized for letting him burn. Cassidy told him all that mattered was that he extinguished him. Jesse then agreed to help get rid of Miles' body.[8]

When Cassidy played around with the Heaven phone, Jesse told him they needed angel hands. Jesse then left a voice mail for Tulip, reminiscing of the two on the run from the Rodriguez brothers back in 2010. Jesse noted Tulip's persistence of getting her M&M pancakes, despite it not being on the menu. Jesse ended the call with "It's just you, till the end of the world,".[8]

Jesse and Cassidy dug up a grave of DeBlanc and Fiore's past bodies. Cassidy retrieved a hand of one of Fiore and DeBlanc's hands. The two then dragged Miles into the grave.[8]

Jesse continued to be on the run from the police. He eventually was invited into Donnie's house, who chose to be merciful after he showed him mercy weeks back. After taking a shower, he found Tulip in their house, confused to why she was there. Later, Jesse apologized to Tulip and agreed to do anything for her. Tulip then asked Jesse to kill Carlos, which Jesse disagreed to.[10]

Jesse and Tulip prepare to beat Carlos down

Jesse explained that killing Carlos won't bring their baby back, and that he should be left in God's hand. After an argument, Jesse realized he was going to Hell anyways and grabbed a gun, an oven mitten and a garbage bag. Jesse wrapped Carlos' head around the garbage bag and held his gun underneath the oven mitten. Jesse was stopped by Tulip, who told him that was the most beautiful thing anyone has done for her. Jesse proceeded but was stopped once again, told that it was the thought that mattered. The two set Carlos free and handed him a tire iron and a gun. The two then beat him senseless.[10]

That Sunday, Jesse hid in Betsy Schenck's car as she lead the cops to her house. Jesse, Tulip, Donnie and Betsy then prepared the church for the service. Jesse was then guided by Betsy, who directed him how to use the Heaven phone. While the congregation gathered in the church, Jesse ad Tulip awaited in the common room. Jesse was asked what would happen, which Jesse told Tulip he had no idea. Jesse was then told no matter what, they should get french fries after.[10]

Jesse uses the word to get the impostor God to reveal God's whereabouts

Jesse took his place on the pulpit, though Odin interrupted him. Odin told the congregation that he was full of sh*t and that they should all praise the God of meat. After Odin sat back down, Jesse used the Heaven phone. After moments of silence, the room went dark and a white bearded man projected himself. Jesse told God they had questions to ask, but the bearded man asked how dare they question their God. After Tulip told God that they should be the ones yelling at him, Jesse pulled her aside. Later, Jesse asked God what his plan for him was, where Jesse was told to be a Sheppard for his congregation. Jesse revealed he had failed at that but told he saved his congregation by bringing them to God. Jesse however, revealed he didn't as he sent Eugene to Hell. Jesse then realized he wasn't God and used the word to reveal where God was. Jesse then learned that God had left Heaven. Jesse then left the church with Cassidy and Tulip as Odin demanded him to denounce God.[10]

Search for GodEdit

Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip begin their journey to find God
Tulip O'Hare: "So what's the plan Jesse?"
Jesse Custer: "Well, the plan is simple...find God."
—Jesse proposes his plan to Cassidy and Tulip[src]

At Five Aces Diner outside Annville, Jesse proposed that they should find God. Jesse told the two that if God needed their help, they'll help him, and if he doesn't, they would kick his a**. They all agree and leave the diner. Jesse paid the cashier, hallucinating the cashier as Eugene. Jesse swore to Eugene that he'll get him out of Hell one way or another. In the parking lot, Tulip asked how Genesis worked. Jesse finally used it on her, telling her to kiss him. The two affectionately kiss. Tulip then punched Jesse, telling him never to do that again. The three then drive off to embark on their journey to find God.[10]

Jesse and Tulip take cover

While driving down the highway, Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy are tailed by state troopers for speeding. Jesse insisted they race away which Tulip reluctantly does. The three sing "Come on Eileen" as they try to escape the cops but soon run out of gas. The three are pulled out of their car. Jesse uses Genesis to make one of the cops gas up Tulip's car while making the rest do silly acts. As a cop is shot dead, Jesse and Tulip take cover. Jesse and Tulip then created smoke as cover by burning tire from one of the cop cars. Jesse tried to use a speaker from a cop car and use Genesis to make the shooter stop but the speaker is blown off. Jesse told Tulip to siphon gas using intestines from a dead cop while he looks for Cassidy, who he found crawling under a cop car for shade. The three then barely escaped the wrath of the Saint of Killers.[12]

The three make a quick stop at a gas station. There, Jesse insisted they continue regardless if they are being followed. Tulip and Cassidy reluctantly agreed, believing they just had an unlucky start. They then went to seek Mike, an old family friend of Jesse. They told him of God's disappearance from Heaven, which doesn't surprise Mike. Unfortunately, Mike claimed he doesn't have any advice on his whereabouts. However, later in the night, Mike told Jesse a parishioner of his claimed God had visited her strip club.[12]

The following day, the three left Mike's and headed for the strip club. They asked Tammy about her alleged encounter with God. Tammy told Jesse and Tulip that they would be intimidated by God if they met him. When Jesse and Tulip argue if they should use Genesis, Tammy called for Doug, a bouncer. Jesse reassured her she wouldn't be harmed. Tammy is shot soon after when Cassidy and Doug struggled for a gun which goes off. Jesse uses Genesis before Tammy dies and is told God only came to her club for the jazz.[12]

Jesse commands to gun aficionados to run

At a motel, Jesse was coyly invited into a motel bathroom by Tulip. Jesse broke the door down and the two made love. Later that night, Jesse woke up and went out for a smoke. He noticed the shooter from before and commanded him to stop, which the Saint was able to resist.[12] Jesse was fortunately saved when a truck got in the way from the bullet, which killed the driver and swerved toward the Saint. Jesse watched as gun-toting aficionados arrived on the scene. As he watched the Saint escape the wreckage, Jesse ordered the aficionados to stop the Saint. When he realized the bullets were harmless on the Saint, he commanded them to run as he ran back to the motel to get Tulip. There, he learned Annville was destroyed and the three barely slip away soon after.[13]

At a gas station, Jesse wondered how they would continue their search with the Saint on their trail. Cassidy revealed he saw one of the angels on TV, who could help their situation. They arrive at the Mumbai Sky Tower and speak to Fiore. They learn Fiore was the one who hired the Saint. Jesse threatened to use the word to make him call the Saint off but Fiore revealed the word helps the Saint track him. Jesse revealed that God is missing, though Fiore didn't care. Jesse then was told by Cassidy he'd use his "skill set" to change Fiore's mind.[13]

Jesse proposes to Tulip

Jesse joined Tulip, who was pondering over Annville. The two then get a room and make love. Jesse proposed to Tulip, offering her a chance to have family again. Tulip reluctantly agreed and they headed for the chapel. Before their wedding, Tulip left to "change her shirt" as Jesse waited. Jesse conversed with Frank Patel, who is disgusted with people obsessed with the killing acts. Jesse then learned Cassidy had changed Fiore's mind. Jesse then asked Fiore if it was alright to use Genesis once the contract is off but was reminded Genesis isn't a toy. Tulip then returned but called off the wedding. The three then leave, with Jesse setting a course to New Orleans, believing God may be there due to his love for the jazz.[13]

Following the jazzEdit

At New Orleans, Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip searched at a bar, telling the bartenders they are looking for God. They are lead down to the basement, where they realize the bartenders misunderstood them for wanting to take part in a sex act with a man in a dalmatian suit. Once they leave the bar, Jesse noticed Tulip to be uneasy, though she claimed she was just feeling sick.[14]

Jesse uses the word to make Grail operatives stop

Jesse continued his search through the night, with everyone laughing at him. Eventually, a bartender directed him to Lara Featherstone, a singer at a nearby club. Jesse made his way to speak to Lara. After listening to her performance, Jesse explained to her a bartender claimed she may be of assistance. Jesse was told to meet her outside before being splashed with Lara's drink. After Jesse cleaned himself up, he followed her outside, only to find her getting away. Jesse followed her trail, but quickly finding a van crashing into her taxi and kidnapping her. Jesse used the word to make the men stop and proceeded to best all the men in combat, rescuing Featherstone.[14]

A patron teaches Jesse how to feel the music

Jesse followed Featherstone back to her apartment, where Featherstone explained how she heard of God leaving heaven. Jesse was then asked how he made the men stop, and demonstrated his ability by stopping Featherstone from kissing him. Shortly after, Jesse saw Lara out, who planned to leave New Orleans. Jesse then had a call from Tulip, but is annoyed when Tulip didn't explain what was wrong. Jesse then went to another bar, where his requested a band to play "A Walk to the Peak". A patron then taught Jesse how to dig deeper into the music.[14]

The following day, Jesse arrived at Denis' apartment. Jesse was told Tulip left the previous night and had yet to return but Jesse told Cassidy not to worry about her before taking a nap.[15]

Jesse reviews Mark Harelik's audition

Later, Cassidy continued to express his concerns but Jesse told Cassidy it's normal behavior for Tulip when they get into arguments. Jesse then told Cassidy about his encounter with Lara Featherstone. After Cassidy caught a commercial recognizing the fake god from the church, Jesse and Cassidy deduced he was a local actor. Jesse and Cassidy went to meet up with Teddy Gunth, Harelik's agent. However, Teddy hadn't heard from Harelik since his latest audition, though they manage to leave with a tape of Harelik's audition. Jesse and Cassidy review the tape numerous times for hints, though Jesse was eventually told by Cassidy that Tulip may be in danger.[15]

Jesse stuns Pat

Jesse quickly found his way to Viktor Kruglov's mansion and waltzed his way past his henchman, using the word to make them immobilized. Jesse was then knocked out by Pat. Once Jesse woke up, he tried to use the word on Pat but the latter had blasted music to defend himself. Jesse and Pat engaged in a fight which ended with Jesse impaling Pat through a hanged man. He then removed Pat's earphones and commanded him to reveal Tulip's whereabouts. Jesse stormed into Viktor's room and began strangling him. However, Tulip plead him not to kill Viktor as he is her husband.[15]

Jesse decides what he plans to do to Viktor

Jesse dragged Viktor into his torture chamber and harnessed him. As Tulip begged Jesse not to kill him, Jesse commanded Tulip to leave. Jesse pondered over what he was going to do to Viktor in the latter's bedroom. Cassidy joined him soon after but Jesse asked why he should trust him after keeping Tulip's secret past from him. Regardless, Cassidy told Jesse he would stand with him regardless of what he did to Viktor. After Cassidy left, Jesse released Viktor. He returned to Denis' house and revealed he spared Viktor and had him sign the divorce papers.[16]

Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip study stories about the Saint

While eating breakfast with Cassidy and Tulip, Jesse heard a gunfire. He tracked down the blast to the fridge, where he found a bullet from the Saint of Killers in a yogurt cup. Jesse quickly fled with Cassidy and Tulip. Jesse then contacted Mumbai Sky Tower to get a hold of Fiore, only to learn he had been permanently killed. The three then decided to read on his past at a local library, where they learn the Saint lost his soul once his family passed. After Denis was cornered by the Saint of Killers, Jesse got the Saints attention and told him he was coming.[17]

Jesse told the Saint that God can't hold Fiore's end of the deal due to him being gone from Heaven. Jesse then showed the Saint of Killers a tape of Mark Harelik's audition before making a deal to send him back to Heaven if he spared his friends. Jesse headed to a local voodoo house, only to learn their business has been dying due to Soul Happy Go Go, a Japanese company which sells soul extracts. Fortunately, they were just outside the house and Jesse tried to get into contact, though they all ignore him. Jesse created an IED with guidance from Tulip which ultimately fails. Jesse is apprehended but uses Genesis to have the police help him stop the Soul Happy Go Go truck. Jesse then orders a technician to extract his soul, which is a close match for the Saint.

The Saint on his knees

Rushing to beat the clock, Jesse reached back to Denis' apartment just before the Saint killed Tulip. After the Saint ingested an extract of his soul, Jesse lured him to believe he was going to send him to Heaven. Instead, Jesse commanded the Saint to fall to his knees and threatened to send him to Hell. The Saint warned him he'd be sending his own soul to Hell and Jesse settled on drowning the Saint in the swamps of Angelville instead. After which, Jesse hid the Saint of Killers weapons beneath Denis' flat.[17]

Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip wrap up looking through every jazz club in New Orleans but come out short. Jesse expressed his second thoughts and agreed to take a break. The three head to the Hurt Locker and trick the patrons, making them believe they had killed Cassidy to have the bar to themselves. Alone, Jesse assured Tulip that the Saint of Killers is gone for good.[18]

Jesse discusses the end of the world with a doomsday preacher

The following day, Jesse spoke to a doomsday preacher about the end of the world. Jesse also asked about giving his soul to save a friend but was told giving up a kidney would be better. Jesse returned to Denis' flat and watched a report explaining the floating pig in Vietnam.[18]

Jesse asks if Mark Harelik's audition tape can be refined

Jesse told Cassidy of his plans to have Harelik's audition footage to be refined by "Dork Docs" at Circuit Works. As Jesse left, he was joined by Tulip who asked to follow. At Circuit works, Jesse handed Harelik's audition footage to the Dork Docs and asked if they could refine the serial number on the gun. After the Dork Docs refined the footage, he was explained there was nothing that could identify him as the shooter. Jesse realized the Dork Docs believe he was trying to cover up his own tracks then demanded they refine the clapboard next. They later identified the reflection on the clapboard to be a coffee pot and Jesse snapped at the Dork Docs. Jesse quickly cooled himself and had them shred the CD.[19]

Jesse searched for potential God sightings on Youtube. He was then told by Cassidy that Denis has recovered no thanks to him. Tulip returned to the flat and Jesse commanded Tulip to sleep, realizing she hadn't been getting any. Later that night, their flat was stormed. Jesse attacked one of the operatives and commanded him to kill the other operatives. As he commanded him to give him answers, Denis killed the operative.[20]

The following day, Jesse commanded cops to protect him for the next attack. Jesse asked Cassidy if he'd be ready for the coming attack but was told to concern himself about Tulip. Jesse then sat down with Tulip and they had a heart to heart conversation, though was admonished for using the word against her, though ultimately agreed to fight.[20]

Jesse looks out for Grail operatives

That night, Jesse awaited for Grail operatives as Denis blasted music. Jesse demanded Denis turn the music down but Denis slammed the door on him. After hearing commotion from radio chatter by the police, Jesse raced down and demanded they keep him alive. Jesse suddenly heard a gun shot from Tulip and raced back. Jesse found the cleaner shot, with Tulip believing the cleaner was an operative. Jesse calmed Tulip down and awaited for operatives after learning the man outside was only a drunk. Over the next few weeks, Jesse awaited for the operatives but eventually sent the cops home.[20]

The MessiahEdit

Jesse meets Herr Starr

Jesse went to a local bar where he was confronted by Herr Starr.[20] Starr explained his organization, the Grail works hand in glove with Heaven and offered support in finding God. Jesse attacked Starr with binders and commanded him to reveal where God is, though Starr is unsure. Jesse ultimately accepts Starr's help and is taken to a Grail office with a hood concealing his vision.[21]

Herr Starr introduces the Messiah to Jesse

Jesse is introduced to the Pope and Archbishop who propose ridiculous theories on where God went. After hearing of a "boy", Jesse commanded Starr to reveal who he is. Jesse is taken to an unknown location overseas. He is then brought to a chamber where he's introduced to the messiah. Starr reveals thta he boy is the descendant of Jesus Chris. Jesse knelt before him and the messiah urinated on him much to his disgust. He quickly learns the messiah is an inbred moron named Humperdoo. Jesse reviewed the messiah's drawing before returning to New Orleans.[21]

As Jesse is taken back to Denis' flat, Starr proposed Jesse become the messiah instead of Humperdoo. Jesse expressed the idea was blasphemous but Starr asked him to reconsider.[21]

Jesse learns God has left

Jesse was confronted by Tulip for lying about the Saint of Killers. Jesse hauled the truck he locked the Saint from the Angelville swamps but the Saint of Killers was gone. Back at Denis' flat, Jesse assured that the Saint of Killers would've gone after them by now. Jesse insisted they take a break and go to Bimini but retracted and told them they had to find God first. Jesse told the two he knows where God is but the two shut him down and left Jesse to find God alone. Jesse returned to the club of the man dog but God had already left.[5]

Jesse listens to recordings of his prayers

Jesse confronted Starr and asked if he knew God was posing as man dog, though Starr didn't know himself. Starr then deduced Jesse is only looking for God for forgiveness for causing his fathers murder. When Jesse asked Starr how he knew, Starr presented recordings of all of Jesse's prayers. Starr played a few of them and was told that no matter what he did, he wouldn't save his own soul from going to Hell unless he worked with the Grail. Jesse refused and told Starr to shove the recordings up his own ass. Jesse left and commanded the secretaries to let him out but Genesis faltered a couple times before working.[5]

Mannering stops the Saint of Killers from scalping Jesse

Jesse pondered over God's "man-dog" couch before returning to Denis' flat. He apologized to Tulip and Cassidy and tells them he doesn't want to think about God anymore. Jesse and Cassidy have drinks on the balcony as Cassidy continued to share foreskin conspiracies. After checking on Tulip, Jesse realized the Saint of Killers had returned. Jesse awaited the Saint and commanded him to get on his knees, though Genesis faltered. Jesse attempted to fight back was overpowered. Tulip intervened, stopping the Saint from killing him but shortly after, Jesse stops the Saint from killing Tulip. The Saint knocked Jesse out and prepared to scalp Jesse. However, Mannering and Hell guards arrive in time and threaten the Saint of Killers to return to Hell.[22]

Cassidy: "When? "The Messiah"? Come on. That's a joke, right? Padre, tell me you're jokin'."
Jesse Custer: "I don't think I have a choice."
—Jesse on becoming the messiah[src]

Jesse sent Cassidy and Tulip off in an ambulance. When they returned, they left for a diner. Jesse was asked why they were still around and Jesse failed to find an answer. The two left Jesse. Moments after, Jesse returned to Starr's office and asked what's next. Starr knelt before Jesse.[22]

Jesse is cheered on by nuns and children

Jesse reviewed his notes for his first messiah speech in front of catholic children. As he presented his speech, Armenians barged in and threatened to kill the children. Jesse commanded them to drop their weapons but Genesis faltered. Jesse then took them on in hand to hand combat and came up on top. The children and nuns cheered for him and Jesse was informed he was already viral. Jesse asked why the Armenians had blank gun and realized it was staged.[6]

On the way to the airport, Jesse was asked why he didn't use Genesis but Jesse lied and claimed he didn't need to. At the airport, Starr and Jesse are bombarded by paparazzi but Starr dismissed them. As they boarded the plane, Jesse had a missed message from Cassidy. After learning Tulip had been shot, Jesse raced out the plane. Starr told him after he deals with Tulip, he is to return for his soul extract.[6]

Jesse holds Cassidy back

Jesse rushed into Denis' apartment and quickly directed Cassidy to find superglue, though there were none. Jesse was pushed to use Genesis on Tulip which he reluctantly does but Genesis continued to falter. When Cassidy leaned in to bite Tulip to make her a vampire, Jesse kicked Cassidy away and told him not to touch her. The two engage in an altercation. As Jesse froze, Cassidy crawled toward Tulip but Jesse then held Cassidy back. Cassidy begged Jesse to let him turn Tulip but Jesse told Cassidy to let her die.[6]

Return to AngelvilleEdit

Cassidy: "There's something I want to say. Something I've been meaning to tell you for a long time. I hate you"
Jesse Custer: "You hate me now? Just you wait. Just you wait..."
—Cassidy and Jesse after Tulip's death[src]
Gran'ma demands Jesse's blood

Jesse and Cassidy drove off with Tulip's body in the backseat. Cassidy expressed his hate for Jesse but the latter warned him he has yet to see the worst of him. Jesse then drove into Angelville.[6] When Jesse and Cassidy arrived in Angelville, an upset Cassidy revealed he had sex with Tulip, prompting Jesse to resume his fight with Cassidy. They were interrupted by TC, who called for Gran'ma. Jesse followed her to the kitchen and begged her to resurrect Tulip. Gran'ma reluctantly agrees but required Jesse's blood, which he didn't hesitate to offer. After learning Tulip was still in purgatory, Jesse was sent to collect transpoil, being told to ask Jody for help. Jesse gave Cassidy a list of Tulip's favorite items to buy on his way to confront Jody. As he confronted Jesse, he was shocked Jody went in to embrace him.[23]

Jesse was taken to a Boyd hideout at a motel. While there, he was told to drive around the corner while Jody dealt with the henchman and steal the transpoil. After Jesse drove around, one of the Boyd henchman recognized him but was kicked away by Jody before he could kill him. When they returned to Angelville, Jesse was challenged by Jody to fight for the transpoil. Although Jesse was able to throw several hits and drew blood, Jody was barely fazed and Jesse was swiftly defeated. Before Jody could crush him with his truck, Gran'ma stopped Jody.[23]

Jesse begs Tulip to come back

As Gran'ma was performing Tulip's resurrection, Jesse begged to Tulip to come back, answering her question from days before that he needs her for everything. Eventually, Tulip was able to return from the dead, much to Jesse's relief. Later that night, Jesse threatened his Gran'ma he would kill her but was challenged to do so to see what happens.[23]

Powers and abilitiesEdit


Jesse tells Tracy to open her eyes

Jesse tells a comatose Tracy to open her eyes, which she ultimately does.

  • Divine commandment/Absolute mind control: Jesse's merge with Genesis endows him with a power known only as the Word of God. A power both blasphemous and blessed, the Word of God allows Jesse to literally speak with God's direct personal authority; commanding anyone to do anything he says. Those affected by the Word must do everything and anything he says to the letter. For example, in the pilot, he told Ted Reyerson, who asked Jesse's advice concerning his mother, to "open your heart to her". Ted then payed a visit to his mother and after explaining his point of view, ripped out his heart and gave it to her (literally) then died. Alternatively, If Jessie's command is not specific it can can be open to interpretation by the person affected. For example, he commanded Odin Quincannon to "serve God" and as Odin didn't believe in any god except the "God of meat", "What's tangible", he began expanding his meat processing empire by any means necessary and continued denying his belief in any god. If Jesse gives a command that is not physically possible the person affected will do their best to fulfil it regardless of how impossible, as when he commanded Cassidy to "fly" and Cassidy jumped as high as he could and slammed into a wall . Jessie's power can also effect memories, as in See, a bus driver, Linus, told Jesse he was attracted to a young girl, and in an act of anger, Jesse told him to forget her, which lead to Linus completely forgetting the girl, including any conversations about her. The power of the Word of God is so potent even divine entities like angels and God himself can't resist it. DeBlanc quickly told the truth as soon as Jesse demanded it and Later when Deblanc and Fiore were following him, he told them both to stay away from him, and they immediately stopped in their tracks. God was forced to make it day in the middle of the night and back again on Jesse's orders before Jesse forced god to violently throw himself around the landscape for his amusement. The Word of God also grants Jesse authority over the souls of others and where they reside, as he commanded Eugene to "go to hell" and a moment later Eugene vanished, awakening in hell. The Saint of Killers also sought to use this aspect of Jesse's power to reach heaven. As long as his commands can be heard, people can be affected. Jessie can use loud speakers to command large crowds and was even able to command an angel in Heaven over the Heaven phone.


There do appear to be limitations based on who the Word is used on, as Cassidy was unable to answer questions he didn't already know the answer to and since it is a speech-based power, if the target can't hear or understand the command, the power doesn't work. Animals, the deaf, people who are out of range of Jesse's voice and people who don't understand the language Jesse is speaking are not affected. The being he is commanding must also have a soul or at least a fraction of a soul in order to be affected by the Word of God, as the Saint of Killers was immune to the Word because he had no soul, but the moment he consumed a percentage of Jesse's soul he was immediately made vulnerable to it.


  • Theology: As a preacher, Jesse Custer is an expert in the concept of religious beliefs, particularly Christianity.
  • Sermons: As a preacher, Jesse Custer frequently delivers sermons. At times he can deliver with great confidence. This was demonstrated when he delivered a successful sermon in front of his first large crowd. That sermon gave him many compliments from the town. Jesse however, wasn't always a perfect preacher. While performing a sermon on the the Parable of the Five Foolish Bridesmaids, Jesse was flustered looking through his notes.
  • Expert combatant: As shown numerous times, Jesse is an extremely powerful combatant, able to overpower multiple opponents at once. Being taught by Jody how to fight, Jesse is virtually unmatched when it comes to fisticuffs. He's also able to use the environment to his advantage, turning everyday tools and appliances into deadly weapons. So far, he's been able to overcome every human opponent he's come across, with only Jody being able to best him (though Jesse defeated him too, eventually). He was even able to overpower Cassidy who, as a vampire, has enhanced strength.
  • Expert marksman: Jesse is highly proficient in the use of various firearms. He has shown to be particularly skilled in sharpshooting.
  • Occult knowledge: Due to spending most of his youth living with his grandmother, Jesse is aware of various occult practices, such as knowing his grandmother was able to bring Tulip back to life. After meeting the angels, Jesse gained further knowledge and insight of supernatural concepts, such as Heaven and Hell.


Jesse is a conflicted man. Despite trying his best to become a better person, he often falls to his old way, resorting to violence. For example, Jesse dunked Linus' face in scalding water to get him to "forget" a young girl he urges for, when he realized that Linus wasn't sincere in his repentance. Jesse also abuses his powers, nearly forcing Donnie to kill himself and making Odin become a believer of God against his free will. Tulip knows Jesse well enough to know that Jesse is still the same person she knew him as. When Jesse learned more about his powers, Jesse became arrogant. He believed what he does was considered a blessing, despite Eugene advising him what he was doing was sinful. Jesse also seems to be bitter with the promise he made to his father, and at one point exclaimed that he would be free without it.


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