"Humperdoo? I humperdoo."
—Humperdoo introducing himself[src]

"Humperdoo" is the name given to the messiah and 17th progeny of Jesus Christ.


Prior to Christ's crucifixion, he fathered a child whose subsequent descendants have been protected throughout the centuries by the Grail. Eventually, this descendant was born (the 25th great grandchild) and suffers mental and physical complications from roughly 2000 years of inbreeding. His actual name is not known, but he refers to himself using the nonsense word "Humperdoo". Humperdoo is hidden in a heavily-guarded, top-secret location.[1]

When Humperdoo was introduced to Jesse Custer by Klaus Starr, Humperdoo urinated on Jesse. When Jesse used Genesis on him to reveal God's location, Humperdoo broke down into an agitated state.[2]


In order to plan for his unveiling, Humperdoo was sent to New Orleans to be trained under Klaus Starr. During his time, the only skill he learned was tap dancing, which Allfather D'Aronique was fascinated by, prompting the Allfather to accelerate the timeline of Humperdoo's unveiling.[3]

It was later revealed that Humperdoo has been cloned hundreds of times. The clones serve as test subjects once Jesse is captured. Each of them is injected with a cocktail made from the DNA of two famous people (good and evil) and is then possessed by Genesis. After numerous clones blow up, one that was injected with the Tom/Brady remains stable, even after successfully using the word. The clone is executed shortly after, and the real Humperdoo is brought in, but before he can be possessed by Genesis, Custer frees himself and kills D'Aronique. After fighting Starr to get to his soul, Jesse ingests it and is finally capable of using Genesis once more. After Starr tells him he will have to resort to the Allfather's original plan if Custer refuses to be the Messiah, Jesse decides to kill Humperdoo, but can't bring himself to pull the trigger. Jesse has another idea though. He dresses Humperdoo as one of the clones, then releases them all onto the streets of New Orleans, dooming Herr Starr's backup plan. Humperdoo's current whereabouts and status are unknown.

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Powers Edit

  • Psychic abilities: Though it seems to many (particularly Jesse and Starr) that Humperdoo is just a mental invalid, he actually has some psychic abilities, or at least a connection with God, as he drew Man-Dog (God in disguise), something Jesse later remembered.

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  • Tap dancing: Despite having severe mental deficiencies, Humperdoo managed to learn how to tap dance, thanks to Starr's tutelage.


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  • If Humperdoo is the 17th generation of Jesus’s lineage, that would only date back about 500 years - even if each generation reproduced at the age of 70, it would only date about about 1000 years.


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