"This is Hell, act accordingly"
—Superintendent Mannering to Eugene Root[src]

Hell is a place of damnation where sinners relive their worst moments over and over.



Image Name Reason for damnantion Hell Notes
"50's hair" makes her case that she doesn't belong in Hell "50's Hair" Burned her children alive. Unknown
Caveman "Caveman" Unknown Unknown
Gypsy "Gypsy" Unknown Unknown
Tyler Tyler Raped four women. Shot by his signficant other.
Samurai Guy "Samurai Guy" Unknown Unknown

Former inmatesEdit

Image Name Reason for damnantion Hell Notes
Hitler greets Eugene Adolf Hitler Killed millions of Jews during World War 2 as dictator of Nazi Germany. Shows his artwork to an art gallery owner but gets rejected. Later fails to kill a communist and is dumped for cowardice. Initially appointed custodian when first arrived in Hell.
Eugene in Hell Eugene Root Sent to Hell after Jesse Custer commanded him to using Genesis. Kissing Tracy, cementing her decision to commit suicide.
The Butcher of Gettysburg threatens the people of Ratwater "Saint of Killers" Slaughtered the citizens of Ratwater. Death of his family and slaughtering the people of Ratwater. Released by Fiore and DeBlanc. Later returned to Hell, but eventually released by Satan to retrieve Eugene and Hitler.


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