"Bullets is easy. Bullets is basic. You want to produce a deeper kind of hurt, you gotta go old school. When it comes to the application of pain, you gotta go Bensonhurst."
—Frankie to Univeristy of the Grail students[src]

Frankie Toscani is a torturer from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, and a former Italian mob boss. Frankie was once able to work hard and support his family without leaving the boroughs, but globalization has affected his career. After the Grail kidnapped Cassidy, Frankie was brought to Masada as a guest lecturer in "Advanced Torture", torturing Cassidy as an example.


After The Grail captured Proinsias Cassidy to use as bait, Starr called in Frankie Toscani to torture Jesse when he arrives.[1]


  • Expert torturer: Frankie is skilled in the art of torture, being Herr Starr's favorite. Frankie's knowledge in torture has lead him to become a guest lecturer for University of the Grail in "Advanced Torture".


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