"Don't forget the music, no matter the question, music is your answer"
—Frank Patel to Jesse[src]

Frank Patel is a singer of Indian descent.


Performing with FioreEdit

While singing at the Mumbai Sky Tower, Frank handed Fiore the microphone, hoping he'd sing along. Instead, Frank was shocked when Fiore electrocuted himself. After Fiore reinvigorated, the crowd applauded, believing it was part of the performance.[1]

In the following days, Frank and Fiore performed in front of sold out crowds. Frank would kill Fiore through various means with the latter reinvigorating.[1]

Frank shared a drink with Jesse Custer, where he admitted he's already grown tired of his acts with Fiore, claiming the people who come to watch are savages. Despite all this, Frank told Jesse to always remember the music.[1]


Season 2Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Frank Patel is portrayed by Vik Sahay.
  • Frank's surname is an ode to Lester Patel, a character Vik Sahay had portrayed on Chuck.


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