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"Dallas" is the fifth episode of the second season of Preacher and the fifteenth episode overall. It aired on July 17, 2017.


Jesse learns of Tulip's secret relationship; a look into Jesse and Tulip's past; the darker side of Jesse.[1]


After learning Viktor Kruglov is Tulip's husband, Jesse dragged Viktor into the torture chamber and hangs Viktor with a harness. As Tulip begs him to not kill him, Jesse commands Tulip to leave.

Dany offers Jesse and Tulip contracts.png

Back in 2014, Jesse and Tulip are betrayed by Carlos. Three months later, Jesse is unkempt and working as a bartender while Tulip is an assistant for a realtor. They are joined by their former boss Dany, who offers them more jobs, but the two decline. Tulip queried if Dany knew anything about Carlos' whereabouts but Dany was unsure. The two had a pregnancy test, only to be disappointed and try for another baby shortly after.

In the present, Jesse searches for tools to torture Viktor. Meanwhile, Tulip takes Allie to Denis' apartment. After sending Allie to watch TV with Denis, Tulip punches Cassidy and yells at him for telling Jesse. Cassidy decides to speak to Jesse and fix the mess he created. Meanwhile, Viktor realizes Jesse was the hell she had just been through when he first met her.

Jesse decides to return to Annville.png

In another flashback, Jesse and Tulip continue to try for a baby, only for their results to be negative despite praying to God. One day, Jesse turns off a fire alarm and notices a plastic bag in the vents. When Tulip returns home, Jesse confronts Tulip and scolds her for returning to the crime life. Jesse also reveals he's aware Tulip is on birth control. Some time after, Jesse decides to return to Annville and become a preacher like his father.

Jesse asks Cassidy why he should trust him.png

In the present, Cassidy joins Jesse as the latter ponders over a photograph of Tulip and Viktor's wedding. When Cassidy tells Jesse Tulip still loves him, Jesse asked why he should believe Cassidy after lying to him. Cassidy then admits he's greedy, selfish, and destructive. Cassidy then tells Jesse he would kill Viktor if he was in his situation and commends Jesse for being so restrained. Regardless, Cassidy tells Jesse he would stand with him regardless of what Jesse did to Viktor.

Jesse apologizes to Tulip.png

Jesse returns to the torture chamber. Viktor brags about being the better man to Tulip. Jesse swings an axe at Viktor. Jesse then returns to Denis' house and reveals he let Viktor down. However, Tulip assumed he killed him but Jesse clarified he let him down from the harness and had him sign the divorce papers. Jesse apologizes to Tulip and Tulip tells Jesse the two are bad for each other.

In a flashback, Tulip and Viktor play Monopoly. The two are interrupted as Viktor leaves to speak with Pat. Tulip receives a phone call from Dany shortly after, he knows where Carlos is. Tulip leaves Viktor's mansion. Viktor returns only to find Tulip and her belongings gone.

Back in the present, Allie joins her father, who reads her the newspaper. The Saint of Killers slaughters Viktor's henchman, before killing Viktor himself. The Saint finds Allie, who reveals she know where Jesse is.



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When Jesse Custer, a small-town preacher with a criminal past, realizes God is absent from Heaven, Jesse sets out to find him. Along for the ride are Tulip, Jesse’s volatile true love, and Cassidy, an 119 year old Irish vampire and Jesse’s best mate. The gang ends up in New Orleans, where they must dodge local gangsters, dangerous secret agents in white suits, and the Saint of Killers, an unstoppable killer cowboy from Hell.
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