Wittman is the Chief of Police at Pensecola Police Department in Florida. He is the boss of Hoover Two and Barb.


Hoover Two reveals that he is an undercover cop working for the Pensecola PD when he phones his real boss, Chief Wittman to report that he's found evidence of the Grail 's wrongdoing.[1]

After Hoover Two's death, Chief Wittman works with Barb to avenge the loss of their colleague. They see Herr Starr appear on the Apocolypse Revue, where Chief Wittman finally puts a face to the name of the man who leads the operation that killed Hoover Two.[2]

Chief Wittman and Barb eventually track down Herr Starr on a golf course. They attempt to arrest him, but he runs. Chief Wittman chases Herr Starr and tackles him to the ground, but then Herr Starr distracts him, taking his gun. Starr kills Chief Wittman with his own gun, burying him in a sand trap.[3]


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