Carlos was a criminal and partners Jesse Custer and Tulip O'Hare. After being jealous of Jesse and Tulip's relationship, Carlos betrayed the two.


Encounter with Jesse and TulipEdit

At one point, Carlos assisted Jesse Custer and Tulip O'Hare with a bank robbery. Carlos flirted with a postal lady, preventing her from seeing their robbery take place. Carlos offered to take the mail in for her, only to throw them away after she left. Carlos joined Tulip and Jesse thereafter, where he caught them fooling around with a double fisted dildo. Carlos was given two duffel bags to load.[1]

After loading two duffel bags in the trunk of his car, Carlos returned to the bank. He overheard the two fooling around and flirting. Jealous of their relationship, Carlos set a security guard free and fled. His actions caused Tulip to miscarry, which ultimately tore Jesse and Tulip apart.[1][2]

Captured by TulipEdit

Two years after his encounter with Jesse and Tulip, Carlos was found by Tulip. Carlos was tied to a chair. Tulip eventually approached him with a mallet.[3]

Carlos walks off after being beaten senseless

Carlos was placed into Tulip's trunk and brought to Annville. Tulip had Jesse kill him but he initially refused. When asked why he betrayed them, Carlos told them it was because they were happy. Later, Carlos begged as Jesse prepared to kill him. Carlos was ultimately set free. Carlos was then handed a tire iron and a gun. Carlos was then beaten senseless. It remains unknown if he was in Annville when the city was destroyed.[1]


Tulip described Carlos as a rat bastard, money-stealing', child-killing', life-ruining' son of a bitch.[2]


Season 1Edit

Behind the scenesEdit


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