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Annville (founded in 1882)[1] was a city in Texas and the hometown of Jesse Custer. Annville was a decrepit, backwoods city with a declining economy perpetrated by incompetent officials and crooked businessmen coupled with the rabble and moral decay of its uncouth citizens. In a poetic twist of fate, the city and all of its inhabitants were destroyed after the neglected methane pressure went too high and the methane that was released subsequently caught fire from a burnt cigarette.








The city was once represented with a Native American: Chief Red Savage. Miles Person changed the city's mascot to a prairie dog - Pedro the Prairie Dog for political correctness. A portion of the city didn't take the mascot change well and a small riot ensued outside Annville City Hall.[2]

After the citizens of Annville learned that God had left Heaven, a majority of the citizens went insane. The methane pressure far exceeded, and Pappy, the man behind the control room, had died. Once the methane was released, a burnt cigarette sparked a fire which set Annville on fire, destroying the town and killing everyone within.[1]


Season 1[]

Season 2[]


  • Annville shared a geographical location with Ratwater.
  • Annville only appeared in Season 1.


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