Angelville was a plantation in Louisiana owned by Madame L'Angelle which offers several magic and supernatural businesses. After regaining Genesis, Jesse released himself and Tulip from Madame L'Angelle's debt and burned the place down after killing Madame L'Angelle herself.


Angelville Gator Tours

Jesse is released from the coffin

The plantation has been around since at least the mid 1800s, though it's unknown when it came to be under Marie L'Angelle's possession.

After Jesse Custer's father was killed, he was brought to Angelville by his grandmother's thugs. Jesse was then raised there and tortured by being drowned in a swamp while stuffed in a coffin until he declared himself as a L'Angelle.[1]

The voodoo business once thrived until a Japanese soul company known as "Soul Happy Go Go" drove them and every other business out, leaving them hanging on.[2]


Angelville poster

A poster for one of many businesses provided by Angelville

  • Magic shows
  • Voodoo
  • Alligator tours
  • The Tombs




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